What is Saarathee

Saarathee is a “Charioteer”, one who drives a warrior into the battlefield; places him at the right place at the right time. He is a Driver, a Companion, a Navigator, a Steering force, a Guide and an Enabler.

Saarathee a BPO, endeavours to Steer a Sustainable Customer Base for its Clients by offering Relationship Integration with its customers, and in the process Enable Gainful & Sustainable Employment for Differently Abled People.

Our Vision

Saarathee’s vision is to create an equal opportunity workplace, employing and enabling sustainable livelihood for differently abled individuals, thereby create an organisation driven by People, Performance and Passion

Our Mission

Be the pioneers in Driving Relationship Integration for Clients and their Customers, by Training and Employing Differently Abled People, in streams of their proven capacities. Deliver incremental value to its clients and provide its employees a means of sustainable livelihood.

Disability Statistics in India (Source: Census of India 2011)

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