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Sowtex – Customer Profiling a key driver to Pre-Sales

Sowtex is a marketplace aggregator for textile industry supply chain. It was growing rapidly with more and more suppliers

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Coding Ninjas – Counsel students for a better future

Coding Ninjas was for us, the first client in the EduTech space. They were looking at partnering with someone who could help them in their lead conversion process to support

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Cashify – Understand the customer pain to service him better

Cashify – an aggregator in the space of buying used digital devices came onboard as a client to service their customers

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Work from Home

We started “Remote working” in May 2019with front line executives logging in from across the country working on a research project for 3 months. This was an outcome of our intention to reach out to those set of people who are immobile due to their disability yet are highly skilled

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Helping Speedways Increase Revenue Through Online Channels

Speedways is in the business of manufacturing electric vehicles. They came to us 6 months back with a specific problem

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Financepeer –

Challenge: Financepeer was looking at launching B2C sales for their Fees Financing Solution in the market. While the digital marketing campaigns were being worked upon, the last mile lead conversion was critical for them. That is when Saarathee was approached for help.

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