Lead Generation

With a barrage of products and services being launched in the market, its critical to stand out; talk to the right person at the right time & with the Right Connect. The elevator pitch has to be strong and so does the emotional connect. We at Saarathee believe in connecting with the customer through empathy, relevance and transparency. We generate business for our Clients through quality lead generation and fulfillment.

Market coordination

Coordinating the marketing efforts on your behalf comes easy to us at Saarathee. With us around, you don’t have to worry about the dispatch and delivery of your POS material to market, or the newspaper inserts you need to drive a promotional message or manage your social media promotional messages. We make you look good in the marketplace.

Documentation and Filing

When we need a file at a particular time, we never find it; a note we scribbled on a piece of paper was just lost in the pile of files! Allow us to help you structure your work life better. We believe in creating a Method to Chaos. At Saarathee we will make sure your documentation is in order, your files in place and no information ever lost.

Online Secretary

Forgot to order a cake for your wife on her birthday, or make bookings for your next holiday, or write an obituary note for your ex-colleague… think of us. At Saarathee we will assist you with your small but meaningful jobs through the day which occupy your mind but you haven’t been able to find time for them. We add a Personal touch to every day small jobs

Appointment generation (B2B prospects)

To grow a business, it takes a lot of persistence, methodical approach and regular follow-ups. We realise you are busy with other aspects of your business, so allow us to create a business pitch for you and approach the business decision makers on your behalf. We will represent you and help fix an appointment to take your discussions forward.

Research and compilation

Every business needs to understand the market it operates in, its customers and its competitors. The daily operations of the business allow little time to keep us on our toes on these important aspects. We at Saarathee would love to keep you up to date on what is happening in your market and otherwise. We will provide you the needed edge ahead of your competition.

Data Entry

Data entry is a cumbersome and most time-consuming job of all. Inspite of us going digital, we still believe in maintaining some records on paper, tabulating the same is however a mammoth task. However, we at Saarathee make this simple for you. We boast of near 0% error on our data entry records. This brings in huge time and cost efficiencies to your business.