Cashify – Understand the customer pain to service him better

Problem Statement:
Cashify – an aggregator in the space of buying used digital devices came onboard as a client to service their customers who cancelled their pickups after placing a request. They wanted to understand the customer reason and expected us to convince them to re-open the request – it was a process, to Win Back, The Lost Potential Customer!
Need Gap Identified:
  1. Empathy critical to the process
  2. Customer understanding & relevant solutioning
  3. Data consolidation
  4. Language barrier
Solution offered:
Focused on Mature & Stable Counsellors, who brought in higher degree of empathy and patience to deliver better customer understanding
  1. Authentic and intuitive conversations
  2. We picked up counsellors not based on their technical education, but their comprehension ability backed by the right attitude& sharp communication skills
  3. Our team was thoroughly trained on the product knowledge while they were constantly trained on counselling lead approach to sales.
We have created a stable team which offers par excellence customer experience and a win back rate of more than 30%. Our call quality has been used as internal benchmarks to further train resources.
Our Aaha moments
Through our Open House with the client we shared a genuine concern from one of Cashify’s customers in Bangalore where one needs a separate set of documents to be able to sell their device; we discovered that there was a mention of this on the website, but it did not stop a person from placing a request nonetheless. So while it was mentioned, an oversight of the same lead to an aggrieved customer who could not sell. We brought this to the knowledge of the client and shared a solution that such cases should not be allowed to place a request till the time they don’t tick in the box which shares this important information for Bangalore customers. It was soon implemented to ease customer pain.

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