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Problem Statement:
Coding Ninjas was for us, the first client in the EduTech space. They were looking atpartnering with someone who could help them in their lead conversion process to support the growing volume of leads. Being in the space of selling online courses on coding programs; the requirement was thereby for the sales counsellors to be technically sound and comfortable with the subject. They were equally looking at creating an integrated CRM; such that it could have an interface with their inhouse counsellors as well as all external partners alongwith a capability to integrate leads from all channels – real time for immediate response. They also wanted to bring in higher degree of process and counsellor efficiencies
Need Gap Identified:
  1. Call Counsellor Efficiency
  2. Lead flow automation
  3. Real Time Lead Consumption
  4. Real Time Performance Monitoring
  5. Quality of Sales Counsellors
Solution offered:
We offered them a two-pronged strategy; where we focused our energies in creating a
A. Customised Integrated CRMalong with our technology partner Sans Software, which enabled:
  1. API integrated CRM with all lead generating platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Website, Chat etc to capture real time leads
  2. Customised the CRM to be able to capture historical follow-up remarks of conversation to drive meaningful dialogue for the counsellors
  3. Whatsapp integration to allow easy and non-intrusive follow-ups by the counsellors
  4. Real time call barging and call recordings available to drive call audit sessions and improve counsellor call quality
B. Empathetic Sales Counsellors to drive:
  1. Authentic and intuitive conversations
  2. We picked up counsellors not based on their technical education, but their comprehension ability backed by the right attitude& sharp communication skills
  3. Our team was thoroughly trained on the product knowledge while they were consistently being sharpened on the counselling lead approach to sales.
We have doubled our capacity of counsellors on the process since we started working with Coding Ninjas a year back. We have maintained a 100% retention on a 6 months rolling period. We have delivered a consistent performance of average 3% conversion on leads adding to a steady flow of 15% contribution to overall sales numbers.  
Our Aaha moments
  1. Aryan – a counsellor on Coding Ninjas received an e-voucher worth Rs 1500 from Amazon as a token of gratitude and appreciation from one of the students he had counselled. As per him “Aryan’s counselling helped him take the right decision to choose the right course and eventually get his first dream job through Coding Ninjas”
  2. Our counsellors sold the first ever course to a blind student who took it given the confidence we were able to instil in him through our realistic counselling approach.
  3. One of our counsellors took the “Know your product” to a different extent all together and started learning how to code so as to be able to counsel his students better. Nitesh is a 100% blind counsellor working with us since January 2018!

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