Sowtex – Customer Profiling a key driver to Pre-Sales

Problem Statement:
Sowtex is a marketplace aggregator for textile industry supply chain. It was growing rapidly with more and more suppliers, buyers & manufacturers registering on their platform for trial services. Timely first interaction with the customer thus became a challenge for Sowtex. It was as much a bandwidth issue, as it was a concern about maintaining an in-depth and qualitative engagement with the prospect!
Need Gap Identified:
  1. Reduce Response Time for first customer engagement
  2. Indepth profiling to be able to segment user base
  3. Ability to upsell paid membership
  4. Create opportunities for generating online business queries
Solution offered:
We diverted one of our most experienced counsellors in the role of consultant for Sowtex. While on one hand she brought a deeper understanding of the subject by investing her time in training, she equally brought a natural connect with customer problems and concerns. We began by profiling the trial pack users – such that, they could easily be then upsold the premium membership. During the COVID times, we diverted the consultant effort towards understanding the challenges suppliers were facing with respect to idle capacity, excess stock etc – so as to help them connect with the right prospect in SOWTEX network. We integrated our CRM to capture all the details of queries raised, profiles submitted – which could get auto mailed to SOWTEX management team. We are now comfortably operating on their process automation tool as well to ensure real time update and action.
We have delivered 25% profiling on trial pack users, which is now gradually being upsold premium membership

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