Work from Home

We started “Remote working” in May 2019with front line executives logging in from across the country working on a research project for 3 months. This was an outcome of our intention to reach out to those set of people who are immobile due to their disability yet are highly skilled and motivated to work. We were able to mobilise blind, married women from remote locations of south & central India and some men who had locomotor disabilities as well.   This turned out to be hugely successful, proving that with the right technology, people and process we could manage remote operations flawlessly. This gave us confidenceto let our peoplework from home as and when we deemed necessary. We were able to manage trouble shooting, process monitoring and remote audits as a part of our daily operations.   Today we have the capability to work remotely with our 100% capacity supporting all our clients with their sales, service and support processes seamlessly. This allows us to also offer the advantage of tapping resources who can offer vernacular language option for clients who want to connect with their customers in their dialect.   We hope to mobilise & employ 500 people “Working from home” in the next two years which will enable people with limited mobility on account of their disability to be gainfully employed.  

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