Saarathee works towards ensuring a crisp experience for your customers based on the four pillars for customer success

Right Sourcing

We believe in driving a meaningful & intuitive conversation with your customers. To be able to do that, its critical to hire people who are empathetic towards others. Our strength in being able to do this right is because we majorly recruit Persons with Disabilities who bring natural empathy to every conversation. We are in a position to offer a less than 10% annual attrition (less than the industry average of 25%) because of this; and equally drive a higher degree of commitment and self-motivation.


Training is truly the foundation of being able to deliver the best to your customers. We have a team of internal as well as external trainers who deliver trainings to new counsellors as well as provide regular refreshers to existing team members. Our focus is to strengthen team’s ability to drive meaningful conversations by being able to listen better and talk constructive. Our three pillars of training are: Knowledge of the client process
Skills required to deliver the best
Attitude towards the customers
We also provide One to One coaching to help develop our resources to grow in the system.


We at Saarathee have three focus areas that are critical to success
Performance Focussed: Customer focussed quality matrices are integrated in our system to help us audit our counsellors and improve overall customer experience. Performance evaluation of the process is done with the help of our CRM reports which help us monitor the agent level performance in relative as well as independent level. Client Focussed Our quarterly “Baithaks” with clients allow our counsellors to share “Customer Voice” with them to help improve customer delivery and experience. Employee Focussed We also maintain a monthly open house with the team “Saarathee Baithaks” which helps us bond with our counsellors and co-create plans for the upcoming month. We share our personal and professional journey of the past month and plan the month ahead together.


  • IVR support for easy customer navigation.
  • Missed Call Campaign integration to deliver on inbound leads.
  • API integrations across digital and marketing channels to consolidate leads & offer near real time response.
  • Use of multiple channels to reach customers, help optimise the results, and drive better efficiencies. Voice, SMS, Email & Whatsapp are used as channels of communication to connect with the customers
  • Omni channel support allows us to seamlessly integrate customer response to each channel of engagement in the CRM providing real-time information to our counselors engaging with the customers, leading to superior customer experience
  • CRM functionality is customised as per the need of the business process
  • We offer Call waiting & Call conferencing to manage escalated queries
  • Integrated dialling software allows us to call up to 250 calls per day
  • 100% call recordings are made available
  • Remote call barge-ins as well as live agent monitoring dashboards
  • Data analytics by the counsellor, lead source, time bands, customer segment etc available
  • Call log reports with data dump available for every customer conversation
  • We offer services in more than 8 regional Indian languages to help you support your customer engagement
  • We work on a hybrid model where 50% of our people work from home delivering 100% efficiency
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