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Pre-Sales Support

We support your business by driving meaningful conversations with your prospective customers.

  • Appointment setting
  • Customer profiling
  • Vendor Onboarding
  • Market survey
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Sales Support

We drive conversions of your digital marketing leads into actual Sales

  • Lead generation
  • Lead validation
  • Lead conversion
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Service Support

We support your business with complaint & query resolution desks

  • Vendor Management
  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer helpdesk
  • Dealer helpdesk
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What We Offer


Customer Profiling a key driver to Pre-Sales

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According to an article in Harvard Business Review, companies having strong pre-sales objectives achieve 40% of new business and nearly 80% of repeat business. Contrary to common belief, Pre-Sales process is not confined or limited to prospecting alone; it includes activities like Product Research, Customer Profiling, Competition Review & Consumer Research, such that Sales Implementation is accurate and backed by substance. Most organisations today invest their efforts in marketing products & services across channels and mediums; however, that is; a means to an end. To drive meaningful sales and conversions its important to know the “Relevance of Prospective Customers” and “Fitment of the Product” offered.
To this effect we support sales efforts by offering:
– Lead Validation
– Customer Prospecting
– Customer Profiling
– Market Research & Consumer Feedback Research

What We Offer


Counsel students for a better future

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A Customer Contact Centre plays a critical role in driving last mile sales conversions for any organisation. While digital channels are used to identify prospective customers – they may or may not choose to buy unless they feel confident about their choice.
Customer wants to gather information and evaluate their options before making a buying decision. It is at this time, that a “Human Conversation” with the prospective customer plays a crucial role. Saarathee drives authentic and intuitive conversations with your customers using consultative approach to be able to generate trust and confidence.
We follow a multi-channel approach towards sales, such that we are able to sustain contact with the customer through their preferred mode of communication. It also allows us to share information in formats which are able to support the overall objective of sale. Before making a choice to buy, customer wants answers to his questions, wants to feel confident about his decision and wants to trust the brand he is investing in; and that is exactly where an empathetic human conversation plays a role.We provide lead conversion support to organisations who digitally drive lead generation but seek help in last mile conversions via customer counselling and consultation.

What We Offer


Understand the customer pain to service him better

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Service support plays a pivotal role in strengthening the bond between an organisation and its customers. In today’s scenario where competition is tough and new brands are being launched every day, it is important for organisations to know that customer experience outpaces price and product as a brand differentiator. While BOTS are found to replace human engagement; the fact remains that customers prefer to speak and engage with a human voice.75% customers even expect companies to personalise conversations to create better customer experience. To enable a superior customer experience Saarathee uses an Omni Channel eco-system which allows us to engage with your customers using their historic data of engagement; Our empathetic counsellors ensure customer comfort and understanding to allow them to bond with the brand translating into loyalty. We support organisations in their:
– New customer onboarding
– Query and Complaint resolution
– Request management

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